Cassia Powell is an emerging artist and University of Victoria Visual Arts Major honours student. Since beginning her degree, Cassia has been the recipient of the Helen Pitt Scholarship for the Arts (2016) and the Heather Cragg Memorial Scholarship (2019). Most recently, she has completed a three month international artist residency in Northern Iceland (June-Aug 2019), exhibiting her work with artists from around the world.

Her work is a mixture of acrylic painting, digital imagery and installation. She focuses on a variety of themes, such as nostalgia, personal trauma, dreams, gas stations, small bathrooms, and the effects of the digital age on the human psyche. She pulls primarily from personal experiences, but is interested in how her own memories and data translate into a collective experience. Cassia is specifically interested in the accessibility of art and how it manifests within everyone in a similar way.


instagram: @cassiapowell